About Specialised Career Solutions™

Specialised Career Solutions is a Registered Training Organisation (NSTA Pty Ltd RTO 32292) offering a range of “Aviation” training courses that equip graduates with the industry skills and knowledge that employers seek when headhunting quality employees. With a key focus on quality training and assessment,

Specialised Career Solutions is a national operation, which ensures that the courses we offer meet the training standards established by regulatory authorities across Australia, resulting in a Nationally Recognised Training qualification.

Head Office Location

Specialised Career Solutions has a number of Training Centre Locations across Australia offering an exceptional, first class training experience.


About Specialised Career Solutions™

Our dedicated team of trainers are focused on working closely with our students to encourage a positive, professional learning experience.

Specialised Career Solutions has partnered with a number of professional industry associates which has proven to be very beneficial to our students. These associates, from various companies across Australia, attend classes and offer their invaluable first-hand knowledge, answering questions that students may have about working in the security industry and offering advice about obtaining employment, career pathways and laws and procedures.

The experience gained will help to propel graduates into the workforce with the confidence in their knowledge and abilities to perform their duties to the highest standard.

Our Team

Wayne Condon


Wayne has a widespread history in Training, Aviation and the Military which led to him starting Specialised Careers Solutions (Aviation). He has been at the forefront of several specialised Aviation projects within the Vocational Education and Training sector and has been a leader in the development of many the Nationally Accredited Aviation Training packages.

He continues to sit on several advisory panels including the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Executive Training Advisory Group for the Queensland Government, Department of Education and Training along with the Federal Education and Training Department’s Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems advisory panel and works as an SME for several Universities across Australia. Wayne is our most experienced drone pilot within the organisation with over 30 years of aviation experience and recorded flight hours and is passionate about seeing the next generation of pilots coming through our schools and universities. 

Andrew Rankin

Business Development Manager

Andrew has an extensive background in business development and strategy in both the domestic and international Aviation marketplace and a history of working for some of the largest Aviation and Defence businesses globally.

He joined the team in 2016 with a vision to be part of one of Australias leading Drone training organisations believing that drones are going to play a large part in various industries in a very short space of time. Since starting with the organisation he has seen over 500 students enrol and graduate from the program and is looking to open up thesame opportunity to several other schools and students in Australia. 

Andrew also flys operationally for a number of organisations and has CASA license for sub 25kg drones along with an endorsement for night flying.

Lesley Condon

General Manager

Lesley has worked in the Aviation and Registered training industry for over 12 years and has been a key contributor to the introduction of the Remote Pilot qualification to the Specialised Careers Solution scope.

Her background in training design has allowed us to bring reality into the Remote Pilot qualification and design the training around real life scenarios and case studies. More recently her experience has also seen her work on virtual reality projects with Swinburne University and Aviation Aerospace Australia as part of their development of Aviation Fundamentals program.

Lesley was one of the first female drone pilots in Australia to gain their Sub 25kg rating and is fanatical about where this versatile qualification is heading into the future.

Ross Van Niekerk


Ross joined the team in July after working in the airline industry for over 25 years in a pilot and training role.

He is qualified on a multitude of airline and now UAV types, however the growth of the UAV industry gave him an opportunity to look at increasing his skills set and change direction. Ross is a member of the State Emergency Services and sees the huge potential that drones could make in this field and is excited to see how the industry develops over the next few years and how it enhances the opportunities for drones to be used in critical operations.